Finding the Right Sports Bra


Don’t get me wrong – I love my womanly parts. But as a dancer, I’m often faced with the challenge of containing them. When you’re working out, the right sports bra makes a world of difference.

So how do you know which sports bra is best for you? Here are a few tips based off my technique that can guide you to the right bra and your best workout ever:

Go vertical. Sports bras that have fancy knots are super cute, but impractical for floor and mat work. Any bulge in the back straps will be annoying when you’re lying down, i.e. crunches, stretching, etc. Instead, go for traditional vertical straps.

Opt for thicker straps. If you have wide shoulders or a larger cup size, racer back sports bras won’t give you the support you deserve! Flaunt what you’ve got and get a sports bra with thicker straps. It’ll be much more comfortable and flattering

Adjustable straps. Having the ability to tighten or loosen straps depending on the intensity of your workout is important. In my JJ Dancer classes, loosening your bra straps for a Power Cardio class will give you more flexibility for resistance bands, ballet barre and mat work. And tightening the straps for my Cardio Fusion class will make you feel more comfortable and contained, so you can let loose and shake it, girl!

Cups. It’s really important to pick a sports bra with a defined cup size. Cups provide more support for each breast, and also flatter your figure by lifting the breasts and elongating the torso.

Extra support. For my Cardio Fusion class, I always recommend using a bra with extra support. Since there are a lot of high intensity, back-and-forth, side-to-side movements, extra support is important to prevent tearing precious tissue at the root near the breast. Opt for a bra with additional layers and side panels.

Moisture-wicking fabric. This is every dancers dream! It’s great to work up a sweat, but moisture can easily get trapped in your bra and give you a rash. Always opt for fabric that won’t encourage moisture to linger.


  1. Taylor March 18, 2014 Reply

    Hi i wanted to know if u knew of any good places ro get sports bras for big boobs lol im a dancer and most bras ive tried havent given me enough support

  2. Maria May 19, 2014 Reply

    What brands are you wearing in the pictures?!!


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