How to Cook for One


You’re home after a long day and all you want to do is relax – but you’re starving. When life gets busy, nutrition is often neglected. Don’t make things harder for yourself, or your belly. Even though cooking takes time out of your day, with the right planning, you can ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients and functioning its best. There are plenty of ways to make cooking for yourself easier and more convenient.

Create a meal plan. It’ll be easier to prepare healthy meals, and it ensures that you have the right ingredients on hand. Think about meals that you can cook once and eat twice (or more!). Get creative and use leftovers and other random ingredients you might have in your pantry to make new meals.

Stock your cupboards. Keep plenty of canned veggies, beans and fruits on hand – they make for healthy additions to any meal. Make sure to rinse canned foods under cold water to decrease the salt content. Other great things to keep around are whole grains, quinoa, barley, and pasta 

Store stuff in the freezer. No, not frozen foods! You’d be surprised what you can freeze; breads, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and more. Buy foods in bulk so you can whip them out anytime. And, always freeze food while it’s fresh.

Cut cleanup time. If you’re prepping for tonight’s dinner, double-up on chopping veggies or other ingredients and store it in the fridge for tomorrow. That way, tomorrow’s dinner is ready to go when you are, and there’ll be less of a mess to clean up.

Relish your meal. Make it a treat! Get cozy when you’re done cooking and relax. Take time eating your meal. Also, try making dinner with a friend!


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