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The JJ Dancer Technique is designed to change your body by constantly keeping your muscles guessing, while never getting bored of the same routine. The endless variety of exercises and creative moves ensures that no two sessions are ever the same, and that every session feels new and exciting!

While we will consistently change up your program, all JJ Dancer sessions and classes are focused on the goal of building a strong, lean, FEMININE body, paying special attention to what I like to call the “woman areas,” such as the booty (sculpting and lifting), hips, thighs, abs, and the backs of the arms. This program is SO much fun and challenging for all fitness levels! So let’s get it started!

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The JJ Dancer Techniques

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JJ Power Cardio

Full-body sculpting, high-energy moves derived from dance styles including hip-hop, grooving, jazz-funk, salsa, ballet, belly dance and booty shaking. Throw in a little kickboxing and calisthenics and you will be shedding pounds and dancing like no one is watching…or like you’re at a club (however you like it, boo)!

JJ Radical Conditioning

Condition your body with exciting new techniques in modern fitness training. Every session is slightly different, and includes the use of resistance bands, light hand weights, weighted body bars, floor gliders, steps, barre and mat work.

JJ Cardio Fusion

This intense full body workout is half Power Cardio and half Radical Conditioning. Designed to tone new muscles, build endurance, and sculpt a long, lean and SEXY dancer’s body.

Music Video Dance

Learn hip-hop moves and fun choreography inspired by your favorite artists and music videos. Tone up, burn fat, and get your swag on while living out those music video dreams, hennie!

JJ Essentials

Beginner. Step-by-step instruction for my metabolic routines and signature dance moves. Learn how to get the most out of your workout!


A 90-minute culmination of all JJ Dancer techniques including Cardio, Conditioning, Cardio Fusion, Music Video Dance, and JJ Essentials. This class has an energy that feels more like a dance party! Just hard work, sweat, and fun with good music and all that you got to give!

Most of the JJ Dancer Sessions are Private Sessions (One-on-One) or Semi-Private Sessions (2-5 peeps). Private Sessions are tailored to each individual client. We use the JJ Dancer Techniques listed above to create a unique program and workout plan just for you and your personal fitness goals.

There are countless benefits to working out with a personal trainer. People of any age and experience level can see better results and live a healthier lifestyle. We will create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs and goals, overcome any plateaus, and accommodate an injury or other obstacle that might otherwise prevent you from exercising. Together, we will find the inner strength that you never knew you had, and have fun doing it! Schedule your Private or Semi-Private Session online today!



This year is incredibly busy (and exciting) for me, so I’ve had to lighten my class schedule. Right now I’m only teaching one weekly (EXTREMELY effective) class…

• BANGIN’ BODY BOOTCAMP – This intense full body workout is half Cardio and half Conditioning. It’s a 90-minute culmination of all JJ Dancer techniques including JJ Power Cardio, JJ Radical Conditioning, JJ Cardio Fusion, Music Video Dance, and JJ Essentials. This class has an energy that feels more like a dance party! Just hard work, sweat, and fun with good music and all that you got to give! You’ll leave feeling empowered with a sexy new confidence, as you radically transform your body into a Bangin’ Body!


Sundays from 10:30a-12p





(Right near the Beverly Center)

Classes are super FUN and challenging! I’d love to see you there! Sign up online to reserve a spot today!
Classes are $35.

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JJ Dancer Trainers

JJ Dancer Trainers are all trained extensively in the JJ Dancer Technique and are only invited to teach classes after completing months of intense training by me.
When I am not available, my amazingly talented trainers will be leading the classes. If you’d like a Private Training Session, the JJ Dancer Trainers are specifically trained in Private Training as well. JJ Dancer Trainers are carefully matched to each individual client based on their needs and personalities.

Coming Soon

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